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100-105 Ch 31: IPv6 Addressing on Hosts

IPv6 Icky EUI-64 Drill 1 – Answers

IPv6 Icky EUI-64 Drill 1 – Answers

🕔09:50, 1.Apr 2017 Short and icky sweet: this post lists answers for the icky EUI-64 drill 1 for #ICND2 and #CCNA. The problems require you to find the IPv6 address a host or router would use, given a prefix, MAC address, and assuming Read Full Article
IPv6 Icky EUI-64 Drill 1

IPv6 Icky EUI-64 Drill 1

🕔08:50, 1.Apr 2017 This post starts a new type of review post for #ICND2 or #CCNA: the icky EUI-64 drill. It’s icky for two reasons: it requires you to think in binary, and it rhymes. The goal: Starting with a MAC address and Read Full Article


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